Vintage Inspirations: 1920’s

Today I am starting an all new series, called ‘Vintage Inspirations’. Once a week I will write a post, focusing on a new era each week. After reading each post, make sure you vote about which time period I should focus on next! For this very special first post, I would like to focus on the very glamorous 1920’s, one of my personal favorite eras of inspiration for fashion.

The 1920’s was a decade of cloche hats, bob cuts, and fashion inspired by Coco Chanel. It was the beginning of women’s rights protests, and the fashion of the decade reflected it. Clothing for women became less restricting, with shorter skirts, pants, and blouses emphasizing flat chests and hips. Here is my interpretation fashion-wise of this amazing era:


Hat:, Dress:, Jacket:, Shoes:, Hair:

Want to see more segments like this? Make sure to vote on what era I should focus on next in the comments!

Dance Forever,


One thought on “Vintage Inspirations: 1920’s

  1. I vote for the 1960s…hippie culture! Loved your post on the 1920s and mentioning the women’s rights movement and how fashion changed as a result of social and political changes. Keep writing!! 🙂

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