Vintage Inspirations: The 50’s

This post is a continuation of the Vintage Inspirations weekly segment. If you haven’t caught the last ones, you can read them at

This week, we will be focusing on the feminine fashion of the fifties!

Audrey Hepburn in her screen test. The cinched waist and natural shoulders were emblematic of 1950s women's fashion.

This decade is my personal favorite of fashion. In the 1950s, all of the world was recovering from the last two decades of war. The fashion of this era reflected this. Women, who had been working for the war and beginning to play the roles that only men used to play during the thirties and forties, began to be encouraged to be good housewives as they were before the wars; Their jobs were to be supporters of their husbands once again, to raise their children and be feminine and delicate. As a result, Womens’ fashion emphasized fragileness; many articles of clothing for Women included cinched waists, soft shoulders, and full skirts. The poodle skirt became extremely popular during the fifties among teenagers and stylish women. Teenagers also began to develop their own styles; before, children were children and had their own childish styles until they were 18, or until they were adults. During the 50s, though, teenagers began to have their own styles, more grown up than childish styles, but not as mature as adult styles.

Here is an example of fifties style that you can still wear today:

Dress:, Scarf:, Shoes:

What do you think about the fashion of the 1950s? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Write your thoughts in the COMMENTS!!! Also, MAKE SURE TO VOTE FOR NEXT WEEK’S DECADE!!!

Dance Forever,


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