Vintage Inspirations: The 1930s

Have you read all of the vintage inspirations posts? If not you can catch them here!

This week for Vintage Inspirations, we will be focusing on the 1930s!

1930s fashion plate

The 1930s were a time of struggles and of triumphs. Though many people will always remember the 1930s as a time of economic downfall and the beginning of World War II, the decade was also the golden age of Hollywood Cinema. All of these events during the 30s contributed to sculpt what we now recognize as fashion of the thirties. First of all, due to The Great Depression (beginning with the stock market crash of 1929 and ending with the beginning of WWII) fashion that was able to transition from day to night became very popular, because women couldn’t afford to buy multiple outfits to wear throughout the day and wanted something that would serve them through the day and night. Fashion also became much more practical and sensible with the addition of zippers to clothing. Clothing also became more glamourous and sophisticated-looking; women wanted to look like the wealthy women from the popular cinemas in Hollywood, but without paying the expensive price.

Here is my 1930s inspired outfit:

Dress, Sweater, Shoes, Purse

What do you think about this thirties inspired outfit? Do you love it? Do you loathe it? As always, tell me your thoughts in the comments!!!

Dance Forever,


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