Movie Review: The Hobbit

Last weekend, I took a trip to the movies to see the prequel to the Lord of the Rings that just came out, The Hobbit.

I have been anticipating the release of this movie greatly since I read the book in September and was amazed at the interesting plot. The story, which is a prequel to the AMAZING Lord of the Rings series, features the small hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. If you don’t know what a hobbit is, click here. Bilbo Baggins is unwillingly thrown into an adventure, very contrary to his usual quiet life. Throughout the story he proves himself to be a formidable opponent, despite everyone’s expectations. If you have read the book, you can probably tell why I wanted to see the movie so desperately. I was, however, concerned about the movie’s quality due to the trailer. The trailer portrays Bilbo as a silly and shallow character, despite the depth of characterization that J.R. Tolkien put into the character, causing you to grow to love the character. I was also worried that, like what happens to many books as they are transformed into movies , that the plot would be completely transformed and made into some stupid and boring story (to me, it doesn’t really make sense why Hollywood does this to legendary books, because obviously people must have liked the story in the first place to buy the books!) Thankfully though, I wasn’t disappointed. The plot was spot on and despite the silly character who appeared in the trailer, Bilbo ended up being a very intriguing character who develops greatly over the course of the story. One thing that I observed that many people disliked about the movie was the 3D. The movie contains a very advanced system of 3D, and many people disliked it for its jarring effect. People thought that it was creepy that you could actually see the slimy skin of Gollum\Smeagle and all of the little details, but I thought it was fabulous! I loved the depth that was put into the movie’s appearance; it makes you feel as if you are experiencing the movie instead of simply watching it. Another aspect of the movie that I thought was interesting was that it is going to be presented in three parts. I thought this was weird, because the story isn’t all that long of a book. This turned out to be a good thing though, because it enabled the story to be presented with great depth. If you liked how Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was presented in two parts, you will most likely like this. All in all, the movie was filled with tons of exciting action, intriguing characters, occasional laughter, and an overall compelling plot. So here is my pros and cons list:


Here is the trailer:

(P.S. Please, if you dislike the trailer, as I did, keep in mind that the trailer is nothing like the movie; the movie is WAAAAAYYYYY better!!!)

What do you think? Have you seen the movie? Are you going to? How do you think it will be? If you already saw it, how was it? Tell me in the comments!

Dance Forever,


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Hobbit

  1. Again, nice review. I liked this movie a lot, but it didn’t even touch the original trilogy for me. I found myself checking my watch just a few too many times in the first hour or so, but after that it picked up quite nicely.

    Just out of curiosity, did you see the movie in 48 frames per second or the regular 24? I’ve heard that people who saw it in 48 had some trouble with the movie.

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