Movie Review: Les Miserables

Wow, I find myself once again, writing a movie review. I’ll admit it, I’ve spent a little bit too much time at the movies lately, but hey, it is Winter break! Anyways, today I will be writing a review for the movie\musical, Les Miserables.

As you might have guessed, Katrina and I have been anticipating this movie VERY much; I mean, who wouldn’t? First of all, the overall plot of the story is possibly one of the best ever written, and when you add Anne Hathaway to it, it HAS to be amazing! And it was; In fact, I almost went to see it again today, but sadly, it was sold out :-(. This movie is one of the, if not the, best movies I have ever seen! It follows the life of Jean Valjean, a former inmate at a jail in France just after the French Revolution. He is thrown into jail for a small amount of time due to the fact that he stole a small amount of bread, but after many failed attempts at trying to break out, he is sentenced to twenty years in prison. The story starts on his last day in jail, when he is put on parole. Eventually, he breaks parole and becomes virtually non-existent by fleeing and using a fake identity. He becomes a better person, as well as very successful; he becomes the mayor of a city. Though, as time goes by, the government reveals his real identity, and begin chasing him down. That is basically the background of the story; if I told you a summary, it would last for all eternity. This is because of the length of the story and therefore, the length of the movie. It is about 3 hours and then some!!!! Now, I understand why when I attempted to read the book of Les Miserables, it took me about five months to finish maybe three chapters; the book is like a thousand pages!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, enough with my raging. The  movie, even with its extreme length, is worth every second. The music is AMAZING, especially that done by Anne Hathaway. As many may agree with me, her Oscar is guaranteed. I mean, just listen to this:

(P.S., sorry, I couldn’t find the clip from the movie, just the audio)

Now do you agree with me? Also, not only is her voice amazing, her acting is just as marvelous! In an interview, Hathaway admitted that she almost didn’t receive the role due to her age. The casters thought that she was too young and immature to play the very serious and tragic role of Fantine. In my opinion, as well as numerous others, she nailed it! Though I think Anne Hathaway was the best of the actors, she was not the only amazing one. Amanda Seyfried and Hugh Jackman also did astonishing jobs of playing (and singing) their roles. Out of them all, the only actor that fell slightly short of my expectations was Russel Crowe, and when Russel Crowe is the weakest link of your cast, that makes for a pretty amazing movie. The only reason that he seemed to lag behind the other actors was his singing; he seemed like he was singing a pitch higher than his voice was the entire movie.  All in all, this movie was moving, and a real tearjerker, and additionally delivered greatly in the singing and acting department, making for an EPIC movie, and possibly the best I have ever seen.

Here are the pros and cons:


And here is the trailer:

Have you seen the movie? What did you think? Are you as obsessed with Anne Hathaway as Katrina and I are? As always, tell me in the comments!

Dance Forever,



One thought on “Movie Review: Les Miserables

  1. Hey! Nice Review! I agree with most of what you said. Unlike most of the people I went with to this, I didn’t think Russell Crowe did too bad. The only real problem I had with the movie was the length, but I guess that was to be expected.

    And I am definitely obsessed with Anne Hathaway as well. The entire scene leading up to “I Dreamed A Dream” and the next few minutes were just incredible.

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