Check This Out:

I hate being sick. Not only do you miss school assignments, but you also miss dance classes, you feel like poop, and your head feels like it is about to pop out of your skull. Well, that is what I am suffering from right now, and there is pretty much only one way to describe it: it SUCKS!!!! There is, however, an upside to all of this madness; it is giving me quite a lot of time to do stuff that I never have time to do. For example, I finally got around to reorganizing my closet, and putting up a small bulletin board on my wall that I had bought during the summer. But most of all, I had time to sit and do brain-numbing random stuff on my computer. And while doing that task, I came across this absolutely awesome and relate able website: Here are a couple of the funny posts that this site is providing:

Ha, this is EXTREMELY relate able if you are a fellow dancer. Have you been to What is your favorite out of these posts? As always tell me in the comments!!!!

Dance Forever,


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