Pink Lemonade Cupcakes!!!!!!

Cupcakes; the perfect little circle, filled with moist, cakey goodness and topped off with rich, creamy frosting. The one thing that can make that amazing dish better, is when it tastes like pink lemonade; now THAT is pure heaven. Today, Katrina prepared this awesome delicacy together at her house. They turned out PERFECT; The insides of the cupcakes were spongey and flavorful, while the frosting was an excellent combination of creamy and tart. We made this using this recipe, from one of our favorite blogs (besides our own),


The cupcakes turned out absolutely marvelous; the cake was moist and lemony (but not in an overpowering fashion), while the frosting (which looked adorable in its pink color) was creamy and flavorful. The one tip that I have is to LET THE CUPCAKES COOL BEFORE FROSTING THEM!!!!!! The frosting is a butter cream frosting (its made of 2 sticks of butter!) and WILL MELT if exposed to heat… even if you think your cupcakes are cool, let them cool even more. Anyways, if you are looking for a perfect spring-themed cupcake recipe, here at, we definitely recommend this one!!!

IMG_0547[1]Here they are in Katrina’s oven…


Here they are cooling (with the deformed one on the bottom,  second to the left :-))…

Here is Katrina frosting one… (P.S. no, she is not married, she is just wearing a ring!!! :-))


Tried frosting ideas (we went with the one on the far right)….

And finally…


Voila! Cupcake!!!!

Drooling? Then, GO MAKE SOME CUPCAKES!!!!! NOW!!!!!

Are You Making Cupcakes Yet?



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