How To: Newspaper Giftwrap!!!

I’ve been wrapping quite a lot of gifts lately, with Valentine’s day, my friend Margaret’s birthday party tomorrow, my friend Madie’s birthday on Friday, and my Mom’s birthday coming up next weekend. I don’t mind all of the work, though; I LOVE wrapping gifts. Especially with the new gift wrapping kit my AWESOME cousin got me for Christmas:


Anyways, when you have that many presents to wrap, you tend to have to get a little creative in the way that you wrap them! Well today as I was wrapping my friend Margaret’s present, I realized I was out of wrapping paper!!!!!! I ran frantically around my house trying to find a single roll, but failed in the task. Finally, I fell back to Pinterest, where I saw a photo of an adorably wrapped gift using the comics page of a newspaper. I thought that the idea was soooo cute, so I got to work.


How to do it:

1. Remove the comics page from your newspaper (or any page, if you want)

2. Use to wrap a present like you would with wrapping paper, but be gentle! Newspaper is more fragile than regular wrapping paper and can tear easily!

3. Tie off with a ribbon and a gift tag!

It is that easy!!!! In three simple steps you will have a perfectly wrapped gift ready to give to anyone!!!!!

Have you ever tried this before? Do you have any tips or tricks of your own for gift wrapping? Do you have any questions? Tell me all of those things in the COMMENTS!!!!!!

Dance Forever,



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