Powder Puffs!!!

The one quality that I admire (even just as much as the taste) in desserts is cuteness. And these desserts just might top the list; they are absolutely ADORABLE!!!! They are powderpuffs: tiny madeline-like cakes with fresh vanilla whipped cream and other toppings sandwiched between them. I used this recipe, and they turned out PERFECT. For the fillings, I used (my favorite) lemon curd, blackberry jam, and some leftover cupcake filling (raspberry jam and cream cheese) from these cupcakes. My favorite variation had to be with the lemon curd; I LOVE lemon curd!!! It was the perfect amount of tangy and sweet, and accompanied the spongy cakes fantastically. However, I loved all three of the sandwiches.

IMG_1180[1]Thick marshmellowy meringue!!


Adding the egg yolks to the meringue…


Mixed and ready to scoop…


Ready to go in the oven…


Ready to eat!!!

What do you think of these delicious desserts? Have you made them yet? No?!?! Then get baking!!!

Dance Forever,



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