Mini Doughnuts!!!

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? Now add the word mini at the beginning of that word: mini doughnuts. Now you have a treat that absolutely NO ONE can resist!!! A while back before Easter, I received a text message from Katrina showing me a picture of this:

IMG_1277[1]A MINI DOUGHNUT MAKER!!!!! I knew that we needed to use that thing right away. And we did; the results were nothing short of perfect!!! We just used the recipe on the package, although I’m sure that you can use any other pourable doughnut batter. After that, to ensure easy pouring into the molds, we put the batter in a Zip-Lock bag and snipped the end of the bag off so it would serve as a pastry bag.


For the frosting, we just made a simple glaze consisting of powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, and food coloring. We topped them with sprinkles and voila…


Mini doughnuts!!!! They had all of the crispiness of fried doughnuts, but without the gross oil. Since then, I was given my own doughnut maker for my birthday and have used it to make numerous varieties of doughnuts, including chocolate:


Do you have a doughnut maker? What types of doughnuts have you made? What is your favorite flavor? Tell me in the comments!!!!!!!!!!

Dance Forever,



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