How To: Perfect French Nails

Don’t you just love french nails? The perfect white strip at the edge of a perfectly shaped nail is elegant and pretty but not as “in your face” as other designs are. I absolutely adore them.

I used to think that you could only get french nails done at a fancy salon where you had to pay 30 bucks for a manicure that chipped in a couple days, but Katrina showed me a foolproof way to get flawless french nails… AT HOME!! You may be skeptical about this; you’re probably thinking, “excuse me, but I don’t have millions of dollars to spend on fancy nail products or the talent of a professional when it comes to painting nails… NO THANK YOU!!!” But what if I told you that this manicure uses items that you most likely already have in your medicine cabinet at home, and that even I — of all people– can do this (keep in mind that I am the girl who tries to paint her nails and ends up painting her hand instead). And if I can do this, then you can do this upside down on a unicycle riding backwards through a ring on fire. Here’s what you need: -Scotch tape (or painters tape) -Nail file -Strengthening top coat -Strengthening bottom coat, such as Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (this bottom coat is not necessary… if you wanted you could either leave it out, or use the strengthening top coat for this job as well) – UV top coat (once again, this coat is not necessary to the final result, though it does make the design last longer and your nails shinier) – Maximum growth nail color (you could substitute this specific color for a nude or use a really light coat of soft pink) – French Nail color (or just use white polish if you don’t own that specific color)


Here’s how you do it: First, use the nail file to shape your nails into either a rounded oval shape or a more square shape, depending on your preference. Be sure to file in the direction on the natural grain of your nail and stay in that direction (in other words, don’t do the “sawing” motion where you run the file back and forth on your nail… stay in one direction) Next, coat the nail with a thin layer of the strengthening bottom coat and allow to THOROUGHLY dry– by the time it is dry, you should be able to tap your nail with another nail without it leaving an indent (Remember, this step is not necessary to the final result, you may skip it if you like, or use the strengthening top coat in place of the strengthening bottom coat). IMG_1285[1]   Then, paint the nail with a thin layer of the maximum growth nail color (or nude or soft pink) and allow, once again, to dry. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ALLOW THE NAIL TO DRY, ESPECIALLY ON THIS STEP. If you do not let the nail dry all the way, the tape (used in the next step) will stick to the nail and take off the paint. IMG_1286[1] Now, cut the scotch tape into little strips that can fit across the diameter of the nail. Place them below the tip of the nail, leaving a small strip of nail unexposed above it (think of it as your border between the soon to be “white” part of your nail and the rest of your nail). IMG_1288[1] Here’s a closer look:   IMG_1289[1]

Paint the tip of the nail with the French Nail color (or white polish) and allow to thoroughly dry before peeling the scotch tape off the nail.


Once the nail is dry, paint it with a thin coat of the strengthening top coat and allow to thoroughly dry, once again (remember, the drying step is really important!!!) IMG_1294[1] Finally, paint the nail with the UV top coat if you want a little extra shine on your manicure. Allow nails to dry for at least an hour before doing any activities involving your hands. TA DA!!!!!! See, I told you it wasn’t going to be that hard!!!! Now you can quit wasting your hard earned money at nail salons and start getting quality french nails at home FOR FREE!!!! I think that deserves a round of applause!!!! What do you think? Have you ever done your own French nails? Did you use this method? Tell me in the comments!!!!!

Dance Forever,

Rachel (with photography by Katrina)

P.S., If you read this article on 5\22\13 before 6:50ish (Pacific Time) then you might have noticed that the spacing was kinda messed up. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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