Fall Wishlist!

(A quick note: I apologize for the lack of posts lately! I have been a bit tied up lately with computer problems! Hopefully (if my dad’s handy work on my computer solved the problem), I will be back on my regular schedule of posts! Thanks for your consideration!)

With the days becoming colder and the leaving changing from bright green to darker reds and yellows, it’s time to face the facts: Summer is ending. And if you’re a teenager who must go back to school in three days like I am, that news can be very depressing. And although Autumn will never be as fun and carefree as Summer is, I have found a method to ease my Fall sadness: retail therapy. 😉

So, with no further ado, here’s my Autumn wishlist:

fall wishlist


1. Stop, Drop, and Photo Op Tee (Modcloth): I love this tee so much! It’s the perfect cross between cutesy and practical, and has so much personality! The print is so quirky yet cool, and the tighter fit means that it would be perfect with simply jeans.

2. Take Your Turntable in Green (Modcloth): I have been in love with this turntable for a while now, and my fondness for this item has only grown; it would be so convenient to have in my room to play music while doing homework, plus, it’s just so cute!

3. Ecote Canvas Military Jacket (Urban Outfitters): Lately, I’ve seen this piece being worn quite often, and I love it! It would be a perfect addition to any outfit, as it could be worn with jeans or with a skirt\dress. And, the color is just perfect; not too brown, and not too green.

4. AE Varsity Jacket (American Eagle Outfitters): I love this jacket because I feel as if it would be something I could wear everyday. It looks very comfy, but it is also practical and would match with a ton of items in my closet. I just love the hint of preppiness it adds to anything.

And there you have it; my Fall wishlist. What is on your shopping list this Autumn? Share in the comments!

Dance Forever,



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