Homework Habits

Homework: the very sound of that word will make most people cringe. Seemingly endless hours of useless algebra problems and dumb grammar rules are enough to depress any teenager; however, the key to defeating the task of homework quickly and efficiently is all in how you approach it. Over the years, I have fine-tuned my daily homework routine to an exact science. I am able to finish the majority of it in an hour or two. Interested? Well then, here are a couple basic rules that I use to speed up the dreadful task of homework.

1. Find a quiet and neat area to do your homework.

For me, this means my desk; it is (relatively) neat and quiet, and serves as a great place to do my homework. Up until about April, I usually did my homework on my bed. Let me just tell you this now: THAT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA! Although the prospect of lounging on your comfy, warm bed while doing your spelling may seem great, it often leads to messy school-work, missing papers, and disorganization! Your best option would be to sit in a sturdy chair with a flat surface to write on.

2. Keep your work area well stocked. 

The number one cause of me taking long on homework assignments becoming distracted. And having to get out of my chair to go find a pencil contributes to me becoming sidetracked, resulting in not finishing my homework as quickly. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep basic school things at your work area such as:

– pencils

– pens

– scissors

– a calculator

– a ruler

– glue

– colored pencils\markers

3. Bring a snack

By the time the bell rings at school, (if you happen to be like me) all you want is something to eat! And how are you supposed to do your homework while dying of starvation? 😉 That is why I believe it is a good idea to bring a snack (such as an apple or some almonds) to eat while working. However, I would advise against bringing an entire meal to your workplace; chances are, you will get crumbs all over your papers. Save the burgers until afterwards.

4. Take breaks!

My history teacher once told me that your brain maxes out after about 25 minutes of work; although I am not one hundred percent sure that this fact is fully true, it proves a point. Doing homework for hours on end until your brain turns to mush is never a good idea. Make sure to take 5-10 minute breaks about every half hours to give yourself a break. Don’t take too long of a break though; set limits!

5. Listen to music

As long as you are sure it won’t distract you, feel free to play a bit of background music to make your homework a bit more enjoyable. No metal rock though, please! Keep it upbeat, yet calming.

And there you have it: five tips that will save you from spending all of your time doing homework! Do you have any tips? Tell me in the comments!

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