Rachel’s Guide to Taking Good Snapshots!

Does this ever happen to you?: you suddenly find the perfect subject for a quick photo so you whip out your camera and snap the picture, but then you get home and the photo looks terrible. This has happened to me numerous times, believe me! However, I have developed a method to make sure that all of my little snapshots turn out great. While I am definitely no photography expert, I do have a couple tricks up my sleeve. Here they are:

1. Check your background!

Too many times I have gone to take a picture (usually in the kitchen) only to forget to clear the dirty dishes out of the background; and trust me, no matter how delicious your food looks, all anyone will be looking at is the mess in the background. So simply just move all distractions out from the background of your photo!

rachels iphone 186



rachels iphone 169

2. Try an interesting angle!

Too many of my pictures have fallen victim to boringanglesyndrome. So many people have the misconception that all photos must be taken completely centered. Newsflash: they are wrong! Try something a little different next time and position your camera differently! You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to a picture!


rachels iphone 157




3. Be aware of your camera’s setting

Many people tend to turn on their camera and snap pictures, unaware of what setting their camera is on. Settings and filters on cameras can make a huge difference in the coloring of a picture. It can turn a gloomy and uninteresting picture into a vivid and colorful masterpiece.


rachels iphone 320



rachels iphone 317

Next time you’re feeling like your picture is uninspired and boring, try tweaking it using one of these tips! Do you have any favorite tips? Share them in the comments!

Dance Forever,


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